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Red Lounge (Private Space)  Coming soon

We can’t wait to host You & Yours.

Please read the following FAQ and submit the form below. We will be in touch soon thereafter.

Private Event FAQ

What kind of events can you have here at Red Lounge?

  • Oh boy, you name it. We’ve hosted everything from Baby showers, to full on weddings, to “Medicare For All” 65th Birthday Parties. Tbh, if you want to have a party just to party, we’re on board.

What is the capacity? Choose your own adventure…

  • Is the event only indoors? For now, 60 people is our max.


  • Is the weather right, and we have the Outdoors open? Well, we have much more wiggle room. Let’s call it 80 people if we’re utilizing indoor and outdoor space.

Does Red Lounge allow you to Bring your own Bottle(Beer and Wine Only)?

  • Yes n No. It Depends on.. Lets talk..

Can Red Lounge provide staffing?

  • Our PLEASURE. But also sort of our requirement. We have a fantastic staff that is ready to host you and yours. 

How late into the evening can we party?

  • Look, let’s chat it out, but typically for us, 10:30 pm is late for us

let's party

Please contact us we will get back to you asap

Thanks for submitting! Will get back to you soon

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